Saturday, April 22, 2006

Fat Girls Blues has entered the building

Happy Hello to One and all!

This blog is going to be a main venting mechanism as I started a new program today of weight and health "management."

If management is code word for torture, then I know I'm in the right place!

Okay, torture is maybe not the word. Let me just outline for you what happened at the first appointment.

There were some dexterity exercises, some flexibility exercises, some strength exercises and some aerobic exercises. Great! Some I passed, some I did not pass.

There was weighing. (ouch!) and measuring. I meant to get a copy of my measurements, but I forgot. This is what I remember:

Chest: 51 (that's right, boys. 51.)
Waist: 43 (somehow, that is a lot less sexy)
Hips: 41 (at least the numbers are going down....)

They also did arm (bicep area) and thigh. I'll try and get these numbers and report back!

Then came the eating part. Its not the atkins diet. In fact, its not a diet at all. But, they're calling it a pre "detox" week for me. No:

sweets! Pies, cakes, cookies, things I love, etc.
juice. WTF? No juice?!
Bread. This is where the similarity to the atkins comes in.
Diet Coke. Or any kind of soda, but DC is my addiction. Nope. can't have it.
Milk. I hate milk anyway, so this is no big.

I can have 10-14 glasses of water. A day. Yippee.
I must also eat breakfast. I am a notorious breakfast skipper, so this is going to be the real challenge this week. Breakfast options are fresh fruit, eggs, turkey bacon. And at least 12 oz of water.

Other than that, she said I can eat whatever I want. I asked if she was sure she meant that, and she said yes. We'll see.